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思科无线控制器软件升级 Upgrading the cisco virtual wireless controller

2022-04-25 | 分类: 网络技术 | 查看: 1362

The Cisco® Virtual Wireless Controller is a virtual form-factor controller that enables flexible and cost-effective deployment for small, medium-sized, or large service provider deployments.

Upgrading the Virtual Controller

In the early steps of installation, the Cisco Virtual Controller initially required an OVA file for new virtual appliance creation; however, maintaining virtual controller features and software upgrade require a common AES file downloadable from Cisco site.

    Step 1  Download the upgrade software *aes file to a target host (e.g. TFTP/FTP) or use HTTP file transfer.
    Step 2  Same as for legacy controllers, navigate to the web GUI of the controller, COMMANDS > Download File. Select File Type, Transfer Mode, IP address, path and File Name (aes file). Click Download button to start the process.

    Step 3  When the process is completed successfully, user will be prompted to Reboot to take into effect of the new software image. Click on the link to the Reboot Page to continue.

    Step 4  Click Save and Reboot.


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